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The Pilgrims' Table

Brought together by fate for a memorable dinner, five pilgrims recall their emotional journeys along Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Powerful and moving, The Pilgrims’ Table is a heartfelt look at the transformational power of pilgrimage.

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Having begun the meal as strangers, the five shared knowing glances as the final plates were cleared. Tomorrow they would set off again separately but – for tonight – they were one pilgrim family. Different paths had brought them across Spain to Chez Mer, yet each of their journeys bore a collective familiarity.

Matthieu stepped back into the room and broke the long silence with a toast, “My friends, thank you for being in my home tonight. As pilgrims, we may walk by ourselves at times… but we are never alone. We are always together. Your journey is your own but pilgrimage… it is ours, together. We are pilgrims. You have touched my heart with your stories. I wish you a safe journey. May you arrive in peace. Buen Camino.” They stood and hugged one another before making their way to bed.

Matthieu carried the last glasses to the sink and gazed out upon the stars dancing on the ocean’s waves from the small kitchen’s lone window. Goodbyes were always the hardest. These pilgrims had experienced much and their stories reminded him of his journeys years ago. He picked up the small stone resting on the window sill and looked out at the crescent moon.

“Buen Camino, pilgrims,” he said with a smile. “Yes. Yes. Buen Camino.”


Kevin Donahue

Husband. Father. Backpacker. Pilgrim.

Kevin Donahue began walking pilgrimage routes in 2019, joining the footprints of pilgrims seeking places and people to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love. His passion for these historic footpaths and reflections from his journeys form the basis for his first book, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal.

In his second book, The Pilgrims’ Table, Donahue takes on the role of storyteller, blending tales from pilgrims with his own experiences along the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena. Drawn from authentic experiences, The Pilgrims’ Table is a heartfelt look at the transformational power of pilgrimage as seen through the eyes of five pilgrims from across the world, who find themselves joined together for one memorable dinner.

When he’s not on pilgrimage, Kevin hosts the Sacred Steps Podcast, streaming on AppleSpotifyYouTube, or your preferred podcast app.


The Pilgrims' Table

Sacred Steps:
A Pilgrimage Journal

Sacred Steps Podcast


The Pilgrims' Table was born from the intersection of my experiences with those of pilgrims along Spain's Camino de Santiago and other pilgrimage routes, such as the Via Francigena. I can't wait to share it with you! Buen Camino!

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