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About Kevin

Kevin Donahue began walking pilgrimage routes in 2019, tracing the history and the footprints of pilgrims seeking places and people to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love.

Capturing both the history and experience of pilgrimage, Kevin’s first book, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal, follows his journey as a reluctant pilgrim through Portugal and Spain on the Camino de Santiago, along America’s Pacific Coast connecting California’s Missions Trail, across the receding tides to Holy Island, from London to Canterbury along Britain’s historic Pilgims’ Way, and onward towards Rome on Europe’s Via Francigena.

Having developed a passion for backpacking years prior through Scouting, journies to some of the world’s most beautiful places rekindled his interest in exploration. He shares his experiences and suggestions on the blog, One Step Then Another.

Feeling disconnected from both people and places during the COVID pandemic, Kevin began hosting the Sacred Steps Podcast in 2020 to reconnect with pilgrims and authors from around the world.  From the Camino de Santiago through Spain to the Via Francigena across Europe to Italy, the podcast features updates and first-hand accounts from the footpaths of pilgrimage.

Books by Kevin Donahue

Sacred Steps: A PIlgrimage Journal
At the crossroads of history and faith, a reluctant pilgrim embarks on a modern pilgrimage along the world’s most revered footpaths. Along the way, he discovers the places and encounters people that inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love.
The Pilgrims' Table
Joined together as if by fate for a memorable dinner, five pilgrims recall their emotional journeys along the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena. Powerful and moving, The Pilgrims’ Table is a touching and deeply personal look at the transformational power of pilgrimage.